Baumann, 3262 Suberg

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In a boiler room, a man is standing in front of a Novatronic XV product type log heater on the left and two storage tanks are on the right.

At the home of organic farmer and National Council member Kilian Baumann, the new Novatronic XV 55/35 with automatic ignition provides soothing heat. In order to use the generated energy as efficiently as possible, the existing storage system was expanded by two additional 1,000 l storage tanks. Heat distribution and storage tank management are conveniently controlled via the boiler control system.

area of application
Heat generation (1 radiator circuit) and hot water preparation for the two-family house.

The existing boiler room could be used without structural modifications. The additional storage tanks and the new boiler were installed in the adjacent workroom.

Piece wood half-meter splits

The existing solar plant and its control system were directly integrated into the new system. Since the installation of the new boiler and the expansion of the storage tanks, Mr. Baumann has noticed a significant increase in efficiency and a massive reduction in wood consumption.

September 2019